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I'M 15 Days Late. I'M So Confused. I Took At Test When I Was 12 Days Late And It Was Negative. I

I'm 15 days late. I'm so confused. I took at test when I was 12 days late and it was negative. I have been having dull cramping for over 2 weeks. I have always been regular. I've read some womens hpt doesnt show up until later in pregnancy (8 weeks). Could I still be pregnant? My last period was Nov 28th .#AmIPregnant

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  • Destiny Greenwood

    Destiny Greenwood

    2020-01-14 04:16:31

    I would see your ob and talk to them because I was two weeks late but right before three weeks I started bleeding and it was marked down as a chemical pregnancy so I would go check to make sure but good luck I hope for the best❤️

  • JeNn


    2020-01-14 09:34:08

    this just happened to me last month. i never had a period in December except for spotting for a day at 10 days late. i was not pregnant. i went to 2 diff. doctors and was checked/tested and both of them told me i had an anovulatory cycle where i did not ovulate so my body was thrown out of wack and no signal was sent for me to stay bleeding because no egg dropped. they said its not uncommon and doesn't mean that I'm infertile at all. just that i had an off month and that can happen to anyone.

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2020-01-14 20:39:30

    I would go see your obgyn and go from there

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