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I Have Been With My Boyfirend For Almost 3 Years. I Had A MisCarriage Earlier In The Summer And

I have been with my boyfirend for almost 3 years. I had a misCarriage earlier in the summer and Ever since I have been craving to have anther babY . Knowing my boyfRiend wants kids😍makes my baby Fever extremely high! My high days of ovulation Started yesterday( january 9th) sunday I had sex and tuesday. I didnt have sex anymore till the 10th. I thought I was pregnant n the month of december Because i was 7 days late ! When i finally got my period I was heartbroken😞. Do yall think its a chance I could have conceived this time? Or because it was to far from my actually day of ovulation its a chance it didnt work? I will be bummed out if im not. Its crazy because its all i can think about. I want this baby so bad!!!!! I get sad when i do get a period. 2020 are you gonna bless me with my first baBy? Pleaseeee help me im freaking out!

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  • Blessing Zougbor

    Blessing Zougbor

    2020-01-14 08:51:21

    good luck to you!!

  • Tasha Lopez

    Tasha Lopez

    2020-01-14 13:44:19

    i would say have sex as much as you can! my husband and i have sex a couple days before i ovulate, and then we have sex during, and then we have sex after ovulation just in case that’s not when we ovulated. i do have two apps on my phone saying when i ovulated. i did have a miscarriage Jan 2, 2020, We have been trying since August 2019 when we removed birth control (i had the Nexplanon).
    One thing of advice don’t stress about it. i was like that too every month i got my period and i was sooo sad, but when u believe u are pregnant ur cycle will go bonkers and you will think ur pregnant and ur actually not. and causing ur period to be late.
    Just take a deep breath, it will happen!

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