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I Am 21 Days Late On My Menstrual Cycle, My Husband And I Have Been Trying For Another Baby But

I am 21 days late on my menstrual cycle, my husband and I have been trying for another baby but unfortunately everytime we take a pregnancy test the results keep revealing negative. This is the longest that I have been this many days late the first time that I took a test I was 14 days late and waited another week (day 21) to take another test, I have been also experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Any one have any info on what's going on let me know please and thank you

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  • Shyann Jackson

    Shyann Jackson

    2020-01-14 03:47:48

    We are now on day 23

  • Amber Mills

    Amber Mills

    2020-01-15 13:29:16

    you should go to the doctor and have them test your blood to see if you're pregnant. I've watched a girl on youtube that failed 5 urine test but passed the blood test. theres a weird science behind it but her urine will never tell her that shes pregnant only her blood.
    Blessings! I pray that your results are +++

  • Tonilynn Mcgraw

    Tonilynn Mcgraw

    2020-01-15 13:58:33

    Was u ever pregnant?

  • Kimberly Hansen

    Kimberly Hansen

    2020-01-15 14:24:29

    I am six days late and I had a final
    Ligation this is the longest I been late since my tubal ligation almost 6 years ago

  • Iris Maddox

    Iris Maddox

    2020-01-15 14:41:48

    I am having the same exact problem

  • Sarah High

    Sarah High

    2020-01-15 15:08:34

    I'm having the same problem. I'm 8 days late never been this late before besides when I was pregnant with my son but all the tests are coming back negative.

  • Anuradha Wicker

    Anuradha Wicker

    2020-01-15 15:29:11

    Same here

  • Kimberly Hansen

    Kimberly Hansen

    2020-01-15 22:14:41

    Stupid phone I meant tubal ligation not final

  • Shyann Jackson

    Shyann Jackson

    2020-01-17 03:15:28

    We are now on day 26 I have a appointment tomorrow which will put us at day 27, yes we have a 2 yr old but I never had this many issues when I have taken a pregnancy test in the past when I took a pregnancy when I first found out I was pregnant with my 2 yr old it automatically showed positive, I'm hoping that they will do a blood test instead of a urine test tomorrow and if not I think we are still going to request it just so we know exactly for sure on weather or not it's that. Thank you guys for all the comments I will let you guys know tomorrow what we find out we are hoping for a good positive, and not a negative or a bad situation positive

  • Shyann Jackson

    Shyann Jackson

    2020-01-18 16:17:31

    Have a updated, went to the drs yesterday they did a urine test it came back negative and just to be sure it was not a false negative they even did a blood test and the results were negative. Weird thing is they could not tell me why I was this late, but they told me to keep a eye on it and see if I havent started within the next month and if not then come back and they would do other test to try to figure it out. Woke up this morning and was getting ready to start my day and I had start my menstrual cycle, I'm a little upset because we were hoping for positive but also because I'm afraid to see the drs bill lol

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