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Are 'Bachelor In Paradise'S' Tayshia Adams And John Paul Jones Still Together? Where The Couple Stands

  • After the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show, fans are wondering if Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones are back together after breaking up on the reality TV show.
  • Bachelor spoilers blogger Reality Steve tweeted that they were no longer dating.
  • Then, in an Instagram comment, Tayshia said that Steve was wrong and they are still together.

    The Bachelor in Paradise reunion show happened last night—a whopping three-hour extravaganza of drama—and sooo much went down. After the cast members rehashed some of the more explosive moments of the season, fans (im)patiently waited to learn which BiP couples were still together and which ones were dunzo. After all, in its first five seasons, Paradise has become the catalyst for four successful marriages, two current engagements, and three adorable babies (with one on the way!). But during this season's reunion, people couldn't help but wonder about the current relationship status of a couple that had already broken up: Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones. So, are Tayshia and JPJ dating now...or what?

    That question was answered during the reunion show—kinda. As host Chris Harrison revealed last night, Tayshia apparently flew to JPJ's home in Maryland (Bachelor camera crew in tow, natch) to mend things up. That grand gesture worked, and the couple were back together again as of the reunion.

    But since the reunion show taped on August 27th, Bachelor spoilers blogger Reality Steve tweeted after the show aired that Tayshia and JPJ had indeed broken up again. "(SPOILER): This reunion show filmed August 27th. Chris and Katie are still together today. Tayshia and JPJ are not together anymore," he wrote.

    However, when an Instagram follower of Tayshia's commented on a new photo of the couple, "Reality Steve says y’all are no longer together. 🤷‍♀️," the BiP alum refuted his claims, writing, "guess what...he’s wrong!!!! 😉."

    The comment accompanied an Instagram of the couple rocking their swimsuits and captioned, "TAYPJ for the win! 😋," which Tayshia posted late last night.

    Still, Reality Steve isn't convinced. "I see what Tayshia and JPJ are posting. I’m just telling you what I’m hearing," he tweeted, doubling down on his previous claim.

    Of course, now that the cameras are off, will the reality TV couple stay together? Only time will tell.

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