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Just An Update, Not Really Looking For Answers Or Explinations. I Am 18 My Fiance And I Have Wanted

just an update, not really looking for answers or explinations. I am 18 my fiance and I have wanted to start a family for a while now (we've been together since 2014) just about a week and a half ago I was ovulating. we had unprotected sex almost all days out of the week I was ovulating. I am now starting to feel like I'm getting my period because of my cramps, my lower back pain, irritability, random Spurs of crying, and I'm feeling more tired. I am a smoker, but oddly enough yesterday, I got nauseated at the smell of a cigarette. it's too early for me to test. I'm waiting until a few days after my period is supposed to start (the 17th) so around the 20th to test. fingers crossed we can get this baby thing on a roll. if not... oh well keep trying I'm still young😂. have a good day everyone thank you for reading!

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  • Tasha Lopez

    Tasha Lopez

    2020-01-18 11:01:23

    what’s the outcome?

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