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Personality Test: The First Thing You See Will Reveal What Problems You Hide In Love

What could be happening to you? Look at the image and answer what you see first to know what the background of your problems in love could be.

Talking about the happiest of love and showing it to the world does not seem to be difficult. But … what happens when there are problems?

Love is more complex than what they show us in advertisements or in social media publications. Sometimes it is not enough that two people love each other (in the case of a couple), or that they are of the same blood (in the case of a family, for example), or that they share the same interests (in the case of friends ).

But assuming that we live problems in love is not easy either. In fact, there are people who can’t even get out of denial. What we feel inside, anyway, and as much as we want to hide it, it’s there, it remains …

The tests serve as a kick to make emerge those things that we do not dare to say or assume. Desires, fears, insecurities … emotions that live in our unconscious.

When presenting images like the one you can see here, the psychologists of some schools listen to how people, in the face of something confusing that cannot be defined in a single way, “fill” it in a sense so personal, profound and even unknown to them same.

It is a projective exercise: we find it “easier” to deposit in the image things that we could not recognize so easily in us

Look at the following image and without thinking, answer: what do you see first? What you answer may help you bring to light what your problems may be hiding in love.


If the first thing you saw in the picture was the rodent, then possibly your problems in love are linked to what you feel in relation to your environment. Deep down, are you afraid of being accepted? Do you think you would not like to be alone? Do you feel a deep desire to be loved, taken into account?

Perhaps there is something inside you that creates insecurity and makes you act unconsciously in that way. You may then be jealous, dependent, or conversely, defensively. You are afraid of being hurt, of being rejected, and that may be playing against you when it comes to relating in love.

It is important that you work this on yourself so that you can connect with others from a healthier and more loving place that has its origin, first and foremost, in your love and acceptance towards you.

Profile person

If the first thing you noticed in the picture was the person in profile, his outline, then perhaps your love problems may be revealing a theme with your ego that you have to work on.

Putting the ego always ahead can lead to many conflicts: being defensive, victimizing you, not accepting criticism, taking everything personally, becoming paralyzed by fear, infatuation, etc. The opposite of the ego is love, acceptance. Working on self-love may help you to run from the ego to be able to relate to others from your heart, from the most genuine.

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