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Quiz: Based On Your Zodiac Sign, What Is Your True Color?

What color represents your personality the best in terms of how the stars were aligned in the sky when you were born? It’s a fascinating question to ponder and a multitude of factors need to be examined before one can even begin to answer it. This quiz will do just that as it seeks to uncover different aspects of your personality traits in light of both your zodiac sign and how you respond to colors.

The zodiac contains an extraordinary amount of information and each sign comes with its own set of traits and characteristics which have all been specifically linked to it. For example, every sign falls under a particular element and out of the 12 total, three of each are represented by either fire, water, earth, or air. In turn, these elemental categories can be further broken down into personal attributes, emotions, inclinations, strengths, weaknesses, and so much more for each individual sign.

One major aspect of our zodiac signs are the colors which are associated with each of them. Over the years every different shade on the color spectrum has developed its own personal meanings and representations. That’s why we equate red with fiery emotions, such as love, passion, anger, and desire. In comparison, blue carries with it a more tranquil, peaceful, and calm connotation, but it can also represent sadness and gloom.

By using these color-meanings in conjunction with the timeless wisdom that your zodiac sign carries with it, you can uncover all sorts of insightful things about yourself. That’s exactly what this quiz does, as it will reveal what your true personality color is according to your zodiac sign! Try it now and see what you get, and as always enjoy!

What color did you get? let us know in the comments

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