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Quiz: This Beautiful Color Test Will Reveal What Color Your Energy Is!

It is a fascinating concept to link COLOR with PERSONALITY TYPE.  Dr. Carol Ritberger, an esteemed behavioral psychologist and author has done just that.  The QUIZ that you are about to take below will present you with 10 life situations, and offers several choices for you to pick from, that come closest to your likely behavioral response or thinking.

Your answers will be interpreted using Dr. Ritberger’s paradigm, placing you within one of her 4 COLORS that represent 4 PERSONALITY TYPES: RED, ORANGE, GREEN or YELLOW.  You will receive your color/personality conclusion and description at the end of the quiz.

1. RED

If you fall into this category, you tend to be straightforward, expressing yourself very clearly to others.  You are one of the “Just Get It Done” people…hard-working, dependable and have a strong drive to be in control.


This type of person is a CAREGIVER, concerned about other’s needs and have a strong drive to fulfill them, both in their personal interactions as well as within the community at large.  Emotional and intuitive, they read people well, are good listeners, and are kind and loyal.  These are the “Let’s Get Along” people.


If you are a “yellow type” you enjoy a challenge, and pride yourself on being a PROBLEM SOLVER who shows ingenuity in finding solutions for things that other’s can’t.  You think outside the box, and you are driven  to make a difference in both your personal life and your community.  You are one of the “Let’s Do It Better People”.


The people who fall into this category are the CREATIVE ones.  When they have a strong feeling about something, they trust their intuition over a logical solution.  They are passionate about their endeavors and therefore exude a joy for living. Greens are the “Let’s Experience It All” people.

Have fun taking the quiz…try to give your gut-level response to each situation; overthinking it will hinder getting an accurate analysis of your personality.  Let us know what color you turned out to be, and whether the conclusion resonates with how you see yourself.

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