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Singers Fondle Fruit To Draw Attention To Sexual Health (VIDEO)

Performers seductively fondle watermelons and oranges while singing a choral rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ 1994 song “Closer”. It may sound like an absurd scene, but this is what goes down in a new racy sexual health video that’s succeeding where more traditional videos have failed: People are paying attention.

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Claude, an online Australian sexual health resource and art project for lesbian and bisexual women, took a fresh approach to sex education by creating a music video to educate women who have sex with women about how to protect themselves from STIs. Fresh approaches are clearly needed: Over 40 per cent of Australian women identifying as lesbian and bisexual claim to have never had an STI test, a startling new statistic from Sydney’s Women and Sexual Health Survey.

“The myth that lesbians are at less risk of STIs has led to lesbians being under-screened, under-informed and under-diagnosed,” say the authors of a Victoria research paper on gay and lesbian health.

So what exactly is Claude doing to spread awareness? Let’s take a look.

First, they slap on a pair of latex gloves and seductively squeeze a lime.

Director Maeve Mardsen explains why she focuses on the latex glove in her opinion piece for Australia’s ABC: “We reinvented the old ‘condom on a banana’ demonstration in a fun and decidedly feminine way, focusing on the importance of using latex gloves during safe sex (which can prevent cuts to the genital area during sex and therefore decrease the risk of contracting STIs).”

And the video continues to have fun with latex and fruit, suggestively plunging a gloved finger into a tangerine while singing Trent Reznor’s lyric, “You let me penetrate you.”

The video playfully reminds women to say “no” to unsafe sex. When a woman dangles grapes towards another woman’s mouth without the protective gloves, she refuses them.

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But when the gloves are on, the performers get to enjoy all the fruit they want.

One woman suggestively plunges her entire fist into a watermelon. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the whole NSFW video here:

Lady Sings it Better (for I Love Claude) – Closer from I Love Claude on Vimeo.

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What do you think? Are videos like this an effective means of educating the public about sexual health? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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