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4 Pregnancy Myths You Shouldn’t Worry About

I am not yet pregnant, but I am already worried about many things that come along with pregnancy. Will I not be able to keep up with my highlighted blonde hair? Will I have to miss a friends wedding because I can’t go on a plane? Of course, every woman should do what they feel is right for them and their baby while pregnant. However, a lot of things we are told about pregnancy are actually just myths. Here are a few pregnancy myths that you shouldn’t worry about.

You Can Tell the Gender by Your Stomach

I always heard that if you carry low, it means you’re having a boy. More than enough moms told me that there is no truth in this! In fact, there is no scientific evidence that links the way you carry to the gender of your baby. The only way to truly know what you are having is to find out the gender with your doctor, or wait until the baby is born (if you have that kind of patience!). This is among the most circulated pregnancy myths!

You Can’t Wear Heels

This one was a bit disappointing (any excuse to avoid heels is a good thing in my book), but for all the women who love putting on their favorite pair of stilettos for work or a dinner date, you don’t have to stop just because you’re pregnant. The real reason this pregnancy myth went around is because wearing heels may increase your chance of falling, which in turn, could hurt the baby. But, as long as you are careful and comfortable in your heels, there is no need to stick to flats for all nine months. 

You Can’t Dye Your Hair

Yes, it’s true, this is one of many pregnancy myths! You don’t have to deal with dark roots or grey hairs while pregnant. It’s actually smart for women to feel their best while pregnant, and if a hair touch up does that for you, then by all means, get your hair done! It’s been proven that hair dye is not toxic enough to harm your baby, and that the skin only absorbs a tiny amount, so it wouldn’t affect the fetus. If you perm or chemically straighten your hair, though, you may want to wait until the baby is born to get these treatments done.

You Must Avoid Traveling

This one is a mixed bag. A lot of people will tell you not to get on an airplane in your first trimester, while others are adamant about steering clear of travel in your third trimester. Research has shown that there isn’t necessarily a correlation between planes and pregnancies, but many doctors will have women avoid plane travel due to the inability to get help from a doctor and the small confines should you have an issue. Always speak with your doctor before any type of travel to figure out the best option for you and your baby.

As soon as you get pregnant, be prepared to hear everyone’s opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do while pregnant. And be prepared to combat the pregnancy myths! Just remember: this is your body and your baby and usually, you are the best person to know what feels right.

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