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Adorable Baby Horrified At The Taste Of Avocado

Because of it’s soft consistency and dense nutritional value, avocado is one of the best first foods for baby — it’s so much better than rice cereal.

Avocado helps the body to absorb other nutrients, is great for heart and eye health and lowers cholesterol — just to name a few health benefits. Not only that, it’s pretty delicious too!

But try telling that this adorable baby girl, who is trying mashed avocado for the first time. Those big brown are just the epitome of distaste and disgust.

You can see that she’s thinking:

“What the heck are you putting into my mouth?! Ooooh no, here comes another spoon, noooooooOooOOoOOo…”

Did your baby react like this to a certain food? Let us know in the comments section below!

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