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Exercises For Slimming Your Face

Generally we think that all our extra fat is accumulated around stomach and thigh but do you know it also appear on your fat and you develop chubby look and double chin. With little bit of effort you can easily get rid of this fat. Today I will tell you some very easy to do exercises that will mainly focus on your facial muscles and believe me just in few days it will make your face taut and slimmer

Lion pose

Also known as Simhasana

This yoga pose will tone your all facial muscles. Best time to do this asana is early morning

Kneel on the floor and sit in cross position.  Press your palms firmly in front of your knees. Drop your jaw and open your mouth wide. Stick your tongue out downwards, towards the chin, forcefully. While breathing through the mouth, make a sound from down your throat that replicates the roar of a lion. Repeat the exercise a couple of times.

Locked Tongue Pose

This yoga asana will focus on your jaw line muscles.

To do this first sit in lotus position. Sit comfortably and put your hands on your lap. . Now remove your tongue and put tip of your tongue on upper wall of your mouth. Act as if you are trying to swallow your own mouth.

Keeping your tongue that way, open your mouth slowly and completely till you feel a stretch in your throat and neck. Repeat a couple of times. Breathe normally through your nose.

Chin Lock

This exercise will shape your face. Very effective exercise to get rid of double chin

First sit in lotus position. Take a deep breath. Place your hands on the knees, lift your shoulders up and bend forward. Press your chin firmly against your chest and in between your two collar bones, closing your food pipe. In this position try to hold your breath as long as possible. Release

Repeat it few more times

Cheek uplift

This asana will tone your cheek bones. You can remove all extra fat from your cheeks.

First steps is very easy. Just sit and smile wide as wide as possible. Now place the index and middle finger of both your hands on both the cheeks. With the help of your fingers, lift your cheeks towards your eyes. Hold it there for a few seconds and relax. Repeat the exercise a couple of times.

Chin lift

Do you have double chin? Try this

Stand up or sit comfortably. Try to look at the ceiling. Act like as you are trying to kiss the ceiling. Hold on to that for a couple of seconds and release. Repeat the same a few times.


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