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The Random Daily Habit That Could Be Messing With Your Fertility

Fertility newsflash: couples reduced their chances of getting pregnant when either partner drank one or more sugar-sweetened bevvies each day, according to Boston University School of Public Health research. I mean, we all know sugary drinks are bad for your waistline, your pearly whites and your general health, but the fact that it affects your baby-making ability is a new one. And shocker that it has the same effect even if it’s your partner doing the guzzling! Try these smart swaps from nutritionist Steph Wearne:

Flavoured Water

Look for naturally flavoured ones or make your own by combining fresh cucumber and mint or passion fruit and lime with a mineral or soda-water base.

How cool is this? The Kitchen Craft Healthy Eating 500ml Infuser Water Bottle (get it at Faithful To Nature) makes naturally flavouring your water simple. Add fresh berries or even herbs – it has a removable infuser chamber for keeping leaves, fruits, pips and seeds contained while allowing the flavours to infuse. Enjoy pure, fresh, naturally flavoured water in a BPA-free bottle that works for hot fruit and mint leaf teas too. Bonus: Freezer and dishwasher safe.

DIY Iced Tea

Try green tea (get Eve’s Green Tea at Dis-Chem) with ginger and lemongrass, chai (get Nature’s Choice chai tea at Dis-Chem) with a touch of honey (or agave syrup) or peppermint (try Wissotsky Tea Herbal Peppermint at Dis-Chem) with lime and fresh mint. Just add ice.

Coconut Water

It’s naturally low in sugar and full of electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Check the ingredients to make sure it’s 100 percent coconut water. Try H2 Coco Pure Coconut Water at Dis-Chem.

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