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Is It Seriously That Easy To Get A Breast Pump Through Insurance?

If you’re planning on breastfeeding your baby and know that you’ll need help with some of the feedings–maybe you’re going back to work, want help with night feedings, or you have to be away from baby for more than a few hours at a time–then you’ll need a breast pump. I consider myself lucky that I get to work from home, but I knew that there would be times when I couldn’t be physically there to breastfeed my baby. I knew that I needed a pump if I wanted to reach my breastfeeding goals.

But where do you get a breast pump? How much are they? Which ones are the best? There are a lot of questions that moms have.

To get a breast pump in the past you would have had go to the local baby store and buy or register for one. Hopefully there would be more than one to choose from at the store, and if it was of any good quality it would cost you hundreds of dollars plus its pumping parts. Yikes! Not everyone can afford that, and many women have abandoned breastfeeding due to their inability to afford an efficient breast pump (because a hand pump is just not going to cut it most of the time!).

Fortunately recent studies have shown evidence for the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk, causing a rise in breastfeeding rates. Because of all of this ACA (the Affordable Care Act) has made it a requirement for insurers to cover the cost of breastfeeding support and supplies! This allows us all to get a quality breast pump at little to no cost!

Now the only problem is having to deal with insurance . . .

If you have ever had to call your insurance company, let me tell you, it’s a blast . . . (Can you sense my sarcasm?) You first start off talking to someone in the customer service department who may or may not have any idea as to what you need or who you should talk to. You’ll then probably get transferred to several people, remain on the phone for over an hour (if not hours), and in the end they will tell you that you can’t get a breast pump from them until after your baby is born so you’ll need to call back then. A blast, as I said.

So when it was my turn to get a breast pump, I knew that there was a better and easier way to get one through insurance. I contacted Aeroflow Breastpumps and they took care of the rest. I didn’t spend a dime on a pump or for their help. Plus I got an amazing breast pump. I cannot recommend this service enough. So I am walking you through how easy it was for me to receive my free breast pump through Aeroflow!

How to Get a Breast Pump Through Insurance:

1. Go to

If you haven’t heard about Aeroflow Breastpumps, they are a durable medical equipment provider specializing in helping moms qualify for a breast pump through insurance. I went to their website and clicked on their “Qualify through Insurance” page to get started.

2. Fill out The Form

I filled out their online form, which took fewer than five minutes to complete. It asks for your basic information and for your insurance info. That’s it!

3. Wait for a Call or Email from Your Breastpump Specialist

The next day (less than 24-hours later) my Breastpump Specialist, Dana, called me to tell me which breast pumps were covered 100% by my insurance. I was excited to find out that I had five different options. And Dana was lovely! She answered all of my questions about each breast pump, explained what was included in the bundles, and she sent me an email right after our call that had a personalized link to all of my options so I could take a deeper look into each.

I really appreciated that I didn’t have to mess with my insurance. Aeroflow handled all of the work and made it so easy for me without charging me a dime!

4. Pick Your Pump

I opened the email that Dana had sent and looked at all of the options that were covered by my insurance. I then did some research on each, and decided to go with the Spectra S2. Once I had made my decision, I called Dana back to let her know. She said she would place the order for me and that I was done!

5. Wait for your Breast Pump on Your Doorstep

A few days after my call I received my new breast pump at my doorstep! The end. I mean seriously, could getting a breastpumps covered by insurance be any easier?!

Liam and I had a lot of fun checking out the pump and were excited to put it together.

I’m really grateful for this wonderful service that Aeroflow Breastpumps provides. It makes a mundane and annoying task so simple and effortless. Because of them I am getting closer and closer to reaching all of my breastfeeding goals. Thank you, Aeroflow!

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