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10 Must-Haves For Your Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

You’ve made it through the first trimester! Woohoo! At this point you’re hopefully feeling a lot better and more like yourself. In my opinion, the second trimester is the best part of pregnancy. Your nausea has subsided, you’re sleeping a little better, plus you’re finally looking legitimately pregnant. No one is wondering if you just went overboard at your last meal. Also, if you had suffered miscarriages in the past, this is the point where you can relax a bit, enjoy your pregnancy and treat yourself. You deserve it!

You will still probably use some of the things off of my first trimester must-haves, but below is my list of additional products and services that are must-haves for a happy second trimester! Also, if you’re not expecting, these would also make great gifts for someone you know that’s expecting! 😉

1. Loose Dresses

Clothes are definitely getting tighter at this point of your pregnancy so you’ll want to invest in some new clothing. I recommend loose dresses because not only are they comfortable, but they can grow with you and be worn after you have baby. I love this Ingrid & Isabel that can be dressed up or down. Also, this ASOS Maternity dress is cute and so, so soft.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow will be your favorite thing. Ever. When you’re expecting, it’s hard to find the right comfortable position, especially after getting up 5 times to go pee at night. This pillow will make it so much easier to catch some Zzz’s. It provides support in all the right places, the stuffing is adjustable so you can position it the way you want it. Love it!

3. Comfy Pajamas

It’s common to feel really tired while pregnant. Your body is going through so much and working hard so you definitely want to get as much sleep/rest while you can. Now that your old pajamas probably don’t exactly fit so well anymore, it’s time to get a few pairs of comfortable PJ’s to survive these last few months. I love this night dress that will keep you cool while you sleep, plus, it has hidden breastfeeding access! And who can resist a mommy-baby matching set or a throw over anything cozy robe? Order a few sizes up in a few of your favorites so they will still work for now and later!

4. Blanqi Support Tank

As your belly grows it can become more and more uncomfortable and you may want some extra support. These tanks from Blanqi are awesome! They grow with your belly so you can use them throughout your entire pregnancy and they double as a belly band. It alleviates pressure with built-in belly support, smoothes the hips, back, and sides for a secure fit, it lifts the belly and improves posture with built-in X-shaped back support, and it’s high-performance moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry with breathable comfort. Definitely a must-have!

5. A Good Bra

Hello, boobs! It’s no secret that your belly isn’t the only thing that grows during pregnancy. The girls up top are growing by the minute it seems and underwires are definitely not your friend. A good, supportive bra is what you need! If you’re staying active, try Shock Absorber Bras. I found a few bralettes (like this or this one) that are great and can work for you for months to come. They still provide support but are more breathable than other bras. It’s also smart to invest in a couple of great nursing bras if you’re planning to breastfeed. I love the Bravado bras, and they also come with a conversion kit to make it into a regular bra when you’re done nursing!

6. Bath Bombs

Having recently discovered Lush, I now think every expectant mama should have some bath bombs in her life. When you have an achey back, and are feeling tired and weary, a long soak in a bath with one of these is the perfect little luxury.

7. Prenatal Yoga/Pilates

Now that your nausea is subsiding (I hope!), it’s important to get active! A lot of women have good intentions to work out regularly, but many tend to find themselves out of the habit after an exhausting and nauseating first trimester. The second trimester is a perfect time to take up a workout routine. It will keep you fit and because it is making you stronger and healthier, it can help you have a better labor and birth experience. Some great workouts are prenatal yoga and pilates. Whether joining a class in your area or buying a DVD and doing it at home, be sure to get up and get active. The breathing and some of the poses that you do in these classes can help a lot for your labor and giving birth, too.

8. Notebook + Pen

The second trimester is when you start to get a boost of energy. It’s also the time when you become extra forgetful. Pregnancy brain is real! Keep a notebook handy to write down all of your lists and ideas that come to mind — baby-related and not. I love the notebooks and cute designs from May Designs.

9. Doula

A birth doula supports every woman and family for any and every type of labor and birth. Whether you want a natural birth, a medicated birth, or a c-section, a doula is a great person to add to your support team to help you have the positive experience that you want. (If you don’t know what a doula is, read here.) This is the time during your pregnancy to start interviewing and choosing the right doula for you. A lot of doulas book up quickly so the sooner you start looking, the more options are available to you. Your doula will be able to support you during your pregnancy letting you know all of the options that are available to you as well as resources in your area, she will give you continuous labor support with massage, breathing techniques, comfort measures, being your advocate, and so much more. Look at DONA International or to find birth doulas near you.

10. Support & Positivity

Now that you can announce that you are pregnant to the world, be sure to surround yourself with positive birth stories, positive birth images, and positive women that are going to be a good support for you during this exciting time. Find a local support group, go to some prenatal yoga classes to meet other expectant women, and reassure yourself that you can do this! You and your body are capable of having a wonderful birth experience.

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