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Real Women Reveal What Gives Them Their Biggest Orgasms

At first, it seems like National Orgasm Day, which falls on July 31, would top the list of silly made-up celebrations that people institute for no reason. But when you think about it, what deserves more fanfare than a day devoted to not just embracing, but promoting, the pursuit of physical pleasure? In that vein, you should absolutely take advantage of the orgasm “holiday.” Use it as a chance to experiment in the hopes of finding out exactly what will help you reach a new peak. Need some inspiration? Here, eight women explain what pushes them over the edge in a way nothing else can.

“I personally like it a lot when my partner rubs my nipples while he’s inside me. The other thing that makes me feel like I’m actually on another planet, like seeing stars, is when we’re having sex with me on top and I start crashing my clitoris into his pelvis. Those techniques are sure to always give me a super orgasm.” —Loren U.

“After surveying nearly 150 women for my new book, O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm, I was not surprised to find that the ultimate, most spectacular, longest-lasting orgasm for most women—including myself!—is the blended orgasm. It involves clitoral stimulation, penetration, and sometimes even a little backdoor play. The blended orgasm sends me and so many other women over the edge because it ignites so many nerve endings all at once. The clitoris is not just the tiny external nub that most people (hopefully) are familiar with. It’s actually shaped like a horseshoe and is the same length as the average penis if you stretched it out, which means much of it is nestled inside. That is why penetration combined with external stimulation creates such a wow factor. Personally, I like external clitoral stimulation that is relatively fast and firm, sometimes circles and sometimes not. As for anal play, a light touch at the entrance where there are so many amazing nerve endings does the trick for me. I love the tease. The perfect scenario for me is when my partner penetrates me with two or three fingers and thrusts gently and firmly while licking my clitoris or tending to it with her fingers or a vibrator.” —Jenny Block, Ph.D.

“I have like a gazillion vibrators. Okay, in reality, I have four. I like all of them except one that just doesn’t have strong enough vibrations for me. I worried for a while that my masturbation was making it hard for me to orgasm during sex because I get off so quickly with the vibes but never could manage it with a partner, no matter what anyone tried. Turns out, all I needed was a guy who was willing to spend like 10 minutes on manual clitoral stimulation. I like pretty firm pressure and just rubbing in circles, nothing too fancy. Certainly not tracing the alphabet on me or anything. Actually, though, if he rubs my body a lot during foreplay—think caressing me up and down like we’re in a Harlequin novel—I’m way more turned on, which results in a bit of a stronger orgasm. Thank god I’m not embarrassed about my orgasm face because I’m sure it’s a doozy. The feeling is just so overwhelming that in any other context, I’d probably look horrific. I have this scrunched-nose, open-mouthed thing going on, and I tremble for like a minute after it happens.” —Kim C.

“I can't have vaginal orgasms, so to have a really amazing one, I need to be manually stimulated. It’s ideal if we’re at right angles to each other, like if he’s lying down with his head on the pillow and I’m lying crosswise with my body parallel to the headboard. If he uses soft, circular strokes on my clitoris, I have orgasms that are really strong waves of pleasure. If I have an orgasm in another situation, like with a vibrator, it’s more like sharp, short waves. I’m not sure why my way feels so much better, but I’m sticking with it!” —Karina T.

"Sex and the ability to orgasm have always been a very important part of my wellness protocol, especially after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer robbed me of some of my, shall we say, womanly juiciness. I started using this therapeutic cannabis oil called Foria as a supplement to enhance pleasure. It actually created deeper, more satisfying, multiple orgasms for me. Many times, I just can't stop, which sometimes can be a challenge for a partner. But other times, masturbation with Foria is just what a single lady needs to get her day going! I’m so grateful because having a fabulous orgasm serves me physically, mentally, and emotionally.” —Leslie G.

"My boyfriend really enjoys slow sex—he says it helps him feel every sensation better—but what really does it for me is a little fast-action friction during penetration. It feels so intense for me. Some orgasms wash over you, but with this kind, it’s an explosion. Luckily, he's sure to speed things up midway through the action, then we slow things back down after I orgasm.” —Amy W.

“If you haven’t tried coconut oil for intercourse or your own self-pleasure, you must! It’s like a tropical paradise in the bedroom. A little bit of coconut oil goes a long way. It’s the best lubricant that I have used for my own self and with my fiancé. For an amazing tingle, mix a drop of peppermint essential oil with the coconut oil—and oh, boy. As I know from experience, you’re going to take your orgasm to a whole other level. When I add the peppermint oil, I get a relaxing vibe from the smell, which puts me at ease. For women who have trouble focusing, this helps a lot! Once applied in conjunction with the coconut oil, I get a smooth yet warming sensation that really intensifies my orgasm. I may also experience an additional tingle during and after, which feels great. When just using coconut oil alone, the orgasms are less intense. I also love that both of these are all-natural, so I don’t have any irritation or burning.” —Kayla J.

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