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The 9 Best Sex Podcasts To Listen To, Like, Right This Second

1. The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica

Fan of tried-and-true erotica? Then this 'cast is calling your name. In each episode, host Rose Caraway—also known as The Sexy Librarian—reads steamy short stories that range in length from six minutes to a few hours, so you can squeeze in solo play no matter how busy your schedule. But don’t worry, every episode, be it long or short, includes vivid detail.

2. My Dad Wrote A Porno

When host Jamie Morton discovered that his father is enjoying retirement by writing erotic literature, he didn’t turn bright red and melt right then and there as many people would do.

Instead, he turned the reality into a podcast, where Morton and his two friends read different sections every episode, unpacking the retiree’s sultry storytelling along the way. Hilarious—and yet still seductive.

3. Bawdy Storytelling

Ever read (or watch) an intimate encounter that seems, well, too good to be true? You know, one that leaves you thinking, Okay but that [fill in sexual exploit here] would never happen in real life?

That’s where this podcast comes in. Every episode features true sex stories from very real, very “regular” people who are everything from cringe-worthy and LOL funny, to fantasy fulfilling and raunchy. Each time you press play you’re given the chance to hear just about every type of erotic story, thanks to the brave real folks who tell 'em.

4. Guys We F****d

Stand-up comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson hold nothing back on this sex-positive and utterly unfiltered podcast where they interview the men they’ve slept with (!). When they’re not candidly revisiting their sexual adventures, they’re digging into just about every sexual-related topic from STIs to one-night stands to different types of toys.

Ever had one of those chats where you and your girlfriends just can’t stop talking about sex—your experiences, your questions, and everything in between? That’s what every episode of this podcast feels like.

5. Sex With Emily

Meet Emily Morse, a veteran sexpert, sex columnist, and the host of your new favorite podcast: Sex With Emily. Tuning in to Morse's show is a one-way ticket to discovering everything you didn’t know you needed to know in the bedroom and beyond. A few (literally) hot topics: facts about the penis, secrets to scoring multiple orgasms, and tips for any romantic situation, whether your relationship status is swiping right or long-term lover.

6. Swingercast

For fans of swinging—or those who are interested in finding out more about the partner-swapping concept—hosts John and Allie offer an inside look into what life of a swinger couple looks like. The duo doesn’t shy away from the truth—be it good, bad, ugly, you name it—as they recount stories and talk about different sexual situations involving foursomes, double penetration, open relationships, and more.

7. Sex With Strangers

Ever wonder what sex is like in Guam? Or Googled Icelandic sexual culture after a date with a hot Viking? Now you can know the answers. Take a trip around the globe with host Chris Sowa, who explains perspectives around the world on, yup, sex and everything around it. It's sort of like the No Reservations of podcast form.

8. The Science of Sex

Here to clear up any and all confusion you might have on sex-related, well, anything are cohosts Joe Pardavila and sex researcher/educator Zhana Vrangalova, PhD. Each week the duo interviews a sex scientist to get you the hard-and-fast answers (read: study-backed information) to hot-button questions such as “Once a cheater always a cheater?” and “Can everyone with a vagina squirt?” Because education = empowerment.

9. Savage Lovecast

During his weekly episodes, famed sex-advice columnist Dan Savage tackles callers’ burning questions about sex, love, and rock and roll everything in between. Although these discussions are a little less steamy and a little more serious, this sex podcast gives you insight into how you might be able to better your bedroom antics. In other words, it's audio with benefits.

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