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Artist Creates Hilarious Animal Comics To Cope With Anxiety & We Can’t Stop Laughing

Feeling fearful, tensed and anxious is normal. While most people worry about everyday things, it doesn’t typically get in the way of everyday functioning. Worrying is a normal part of life. However, it is possible for your worries to engrave you more emotionally. So much so that it becomes irrational, uncontrollable and excessive. Nonetheless, if these worries last for an extended period – you may be suffering from anxiety. People suffering from an anxiety disorder worry excessively. Moreover, it becomes pervasive and difficult to control. And the severity of it gradually fluctuates over time, exhibiting periods of remission.

However, there are several ways to cope up with a persistent anxiety disorder. Artist, Janie Stapleton creates comics to tackle with her anxiety problems. The intolerance of uncertainty of the future persuaded her to create comics one summer. With no intention of sharing it with the world. A friend of hers forced her to show the world what was in her sketchbook.

And so began the journey of sharing and creating comics with the world on a weekly basis.

Here are a few of her favorites:

1. Maybe it’s a gift.

2. Can you keep a secret?

3. Sometimes you don’t have what you really want in life.

4. The humans are going to save you.

5. Just stay calm…

6. Or we could just not.

7. Feelin’ real good today

8. It feels like the world is against me.

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She drew a wickedly funny caricature of the teacher.

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