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8+ Simple Yet Brilliant Comics That Take Surprisingly Hilarious Turns We Didn’t See Coming

I’m pretty picky about art styles.

I either like art that’s incredibly detailed, or just barely there. Super minimalist. Even my taste in tattoos is similar. And with comics, there’s only so much you can do. You earn a following by having an endearing but simple style, and consistency. Well, Shanghai Tango is an artist that creates black and white comics that are both thought out and super simplistic.

Like the style or hate it, you can’t deny that the person behind these comics is a creative and inventive genius.

#1 In a while, crocodile.

#2 Bird art.

#3 Guitar cat.

#4 CATM.

#5 Fantasy chairs.

#6 Champagne fizz.

#7 NIKE showdown.

#8 Bone dog.

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