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8+ Hilariously Relatable Comics By Moga That Will Make You Say ‘Same’ (New Pics)

You have never related so hard with a comic.

I mean Meg Quinn isn’t only a great artists but she also tends to draw things that we face each and every day of our mostly ordinary life. In her own words she is a “cocoa drinking, cat snuggling, comics artist and illustrator based out of sunny Seattle, WA.” 

Her art style is quite unique if I say so myself. She also draws her comics digitally and uses Photoshop CC to do that.

-Meg Quinn

#1 Dog.

#2 Insignificant problems.

#3 Coffee drinker.

#4 The haters.

#5 Faking the positivity.

#6 Cuddling time.

#7 Allergic.

#8 Accept yourself.

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She drew a wickedly funny caricature of the teacher.

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