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The Best Self-Help Books Of 2017: Read These To Commit To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, these books can help you home in on your purpose, find motivation, or learn new skills or tools to tune into your deepest self. Here, the best books we’ve read this year. Put some on your reading list this January, and here’s to a sweet, successful, sparkly, magical New Year. 

1.  Danielle LaPorte

This no BS self help book cuts through the motivational speak to reach your soul. Danielle LaPorte is like the big-sister guru you’ve never had, and sets you straight while setting you up for success.

2. Ruby Warrington

Written by (and founder of The Numinous) Ruby Warrington, this memoir is a guide slash coming of age story. Not only does Warrington share her own steps (and missteps) in a quest to live a more purposeful life, she includes interviews and insights from the very best in the business. 

3.  Devi Brown

Crystals can change your life. Brown, wife of Duane Brown, a defenseman for the Seattle Seahawks, shares how crystals have helped her manifest her goals—and how you can too. (Want a sneak peek? Read Devi Brown’s !) 

4.  Dougall Fraser

Color can make or break your day, and even your year. Fraser, who shared his for, shares how to tap into the energy of color.

5. Heather Askinosie & Timmi Jandrow

Crystals can be a . Here, Askinosie and Jandrow share their tips on how to pick crystals, the best ones to use for the best situations, and how to embrace them in your life in an incredibly approachable way.

6. Melissa Cynova

Want to learn Tarot? This is your year! This guide is straightforward, to the point, and feels like it’s been written by your BFF.

7. , Cortney McDermott

8. , Gala Darling

Written by’s , this workbook has charts, fill-in pages, and advice to help you slay the year and make it your best, most real and most truthful yet.

9. , Gary John Bishop 

The title isn’t subtle, and that’s the point. This book is designed to help you get out of your excuses and fear and get what you want out of life—because you do give a f*ck!

10. , Habib Sadeghi 

Want to think like Gwyneth Paltrow? This book, written by one of Paltrow’s gurus, gives holistic advice for how to feel better, look better, love better, and embrace 2018 with all you’ve got.

Win 2018 with these New Year’s tips: 

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