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These Are The Types Of People Most Likely To Make Out With A Co-Worker

The Fourth of July might be over, but the fireworks aren’t: Today is International Kissing Day!

To celebrate the occasion, sifted through their databases to uncover some fun facts about the act of smooching, as in who’s willing to kiss whom and where. Curious?

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As far as PDA goes, people in Dallas, San Diego, and Chicago are the most down to let others watch, whereas residents of Austin, Baltimore, and Phoenix prefer a little discretion.


When it comes to sexual tension in the office, more than half of Match's singles said they would kiss a coworker (though the men were 88 percent more likely than the women to make out with an office mate).

Those who work in sales and marketing are the most likely to plant one on a coworker. The least likely? Professors. (Of course they said that...)

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So snag your S.O. (or, if you’re a sales rep in Dallas, a coworker), and pucker up! Plus, find more interesting facts about kissing here (because it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff).

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