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5 Beauty Treatments In Singapore That Help You Shape Up

A healthy diet and exercise are always the best ways to lose weight. But if you need extra help in that department or have other body concerns, consider these treatments.

1. LPG Endermospa Singapore 

Have some stubborn kilos that just won’t budge?

LIPOMASSAGE, available at , is designed to reduce fat using an LPG Roll device that triggers biological responses, which help soften fatty tissues and smooth dimpled skin.

Combined with a sensible diet and exercise, this apparently helps your body flush out fat more effectively.

Users say you can expect visible results after six 35-minute sessions.

2. David Loh Surgery

It’s a question every mum, new or expectant, frets over: Will my vagina ever feel “normal” again?

3. TLC Lifestyle Practice

Glamorous doc to Singapore celebs, Georgia Lee knows her science, which is probably why her waitlist is almost three months long.

The Liposonix treatment at is one of her many offerings, and this non-invasive procedure uses high-energy focused ultrasound to selectively target fat cells located 1.3cm under the skin.

Also check out Dr Lee’s bespoke skincare line, , which offers anti-ageing skin and hair solutions.

4. Allure Beauty

HYDRA-Slim treatment claims to offer similar results with a lot less effort. Ultrasonic technology is combined with fat-dissolving ingredients like Phosphatidylcholine to soften body fat, minimise cellulite and increase collagen and elastin production.

The Japanese treatment also makes the muscles work harder and helps combat water retention.

5. Beauty Hope

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that our bodies are made up of internal energy channels, called meridian points.

Womb Care Therapy massage aims to activate these points and regulate your menstrual flow, and improve your hormone balance.

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