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Test: What Makes You Happy?

The way of relating is one of the issues in which we have less awareness of reality, especially when it comes to the love field.

This test will determine what makes you happy in relationships , the aspects that are essential for you and how you develop in the links of your life .The premise is simple: you just have to look at the image and answer what caught your attention first. Do you dare to know more about your interior? Let’s get started!

If you saw first …

1. The man in the boat

You are a person who works hard to be respected and appreciated by all who know you. This is very simple for you, because you are good at reading people and you know what version of you to present if you want to capture someone’s sympathy. It is a useful skill, and by no means false. However, it can turn you into a kind of puzzle that nobody knows how to solve.

You are a complicated person, and since you spend so much time presenting only one facet of your temperament, you can feel as if no one ever had the opportunity to know you deeply. Just relax! because if you give them time, they will succeed in the end. Concentrate on building a relationship with someone and then let all your characteristics shine so that they appreciate and adore them.

2. The starry sky

You are such a curious person for your next life as for this one. You may not practice any religion, or several, or you may simply not be able to commit to any. Be that as it may, you are motivated by awareness and the belief that life on Earth will not be the only one. The truth is that we cannot be sure if this was the first, or if death is not the same as birth.

What you want to find in love is a spiritual connection. It is critical for you that your romantic life be a space that makes you feel the mysticism of existence. It doesn’t mean that you have to share beliefs with your partner, but you notice more attraction for people who ask themselves deep questions about the universe. You want an individual who does not despise your nature and who can talk with you for hours watching the stars.

3. The sea

You are an individual who feels hopeless at times. You know how to take care of yourself and pay off your debts, but most of the time you would like everything to change dramatically in your life. You get stressed easily and almost never get to rest properly. For this reason, you are condescending to yourself and, instead of ending what has always been bothering you, you often lament.

What you really need in love is that they nourish you. You are not an infant, you have not been for a while. You are a being who deeply desires someone to help you withstand the burdens of everyday life, to prepare you a cup of coffee and listen to your sorrows and anecdotes at night in bed.

4. The Moons

You are someone stubborn, determined and with total control. You need a partner who challenges you, someone who is there for you, who is good and supportive, but who also challenges you and is not afraid to point out when you are wrong or disagree with something. You want a being that teaches you something, with which you can grow inwardly.

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