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Test: What You See First Will Reveal Your Subconscious Fear

This test test, has as main objective to discover what are your biggest fears that in many of the cases you ignore; however, they appear when you face a difficult situation. 

The tests are usually a great guide for people to discover hidden details of their personality, because only one image could reveal details that would serve as a guide when they get to know each other better, so today we present a new proposal.The subconscious mind is responsible for the person activating feelings and emotions when facing a new situation, and could even control some body functions such as breathing, sweating or even heartbeat , which often accelerate. 

The mind functions as a bank of information, so it is almost impossible to get to know all our subconscious, although most impulses are produced thanks to it, so the page ‘For the curious’ offers a new mental exercise to determine hidden aspects of the personality.

There are only three options to choose from and each of them will reveal your biggest fears and insecurities of which you are not aware, but it is better that you take into account.

The Apple

It is probably the highlight of the image, and the people who saw it have as their main fear of death , but not with their own, but for the beings that surround them. Good relationships with family, friends and partners often become your point of concern for not wanting anything bad to happen to them.

The butterfly

The butterfly has the center of the image and she represents the fear of betrayal. Your subconscious reveals that you fear that someone dear will betray you. You are one of those who grieve a lot if someone hurts them, and it is very difficult to overcome; however, this weakness is not easily discovered, only when you face problems.

The knife with the caterpillar

Although it does not stand out so much in the image, there are people who are inclined towards this part of the picture, and it denotes the fear of terminal illnesses , as is the case of cancer. In your subconscious you keep the image of a loved one who suffered from this disease and fear that it will replicate in you or someone around you.

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