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Personality Test: What Is The Difference Between The Images You See First?

Personality Test: What is the difference between the images you see first?

Personality tests always attract our attention because, even if they do not have scientific evidence, they help us to know more about ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world around us. They are a relaxed way to search for self-knowledge.

By Lucie Meyer. The 21/05/2019

The test we present today is very interesting because it uses our observation abilities to find the special characteristics of our personality.

What you need to do in this test is very simple, look at the picture above with great attention and keep in mind the first difference you see in the picture.

After that, keep reading to find your result and what it says about you. There is no scientific evidence, it’s just a way to have fun and deepen your knowledge at the same time.

If the first difference noted was …

The tail of foxes

You are a really special person with a very noble heart. You care about the people in your life and always do their best to help them meet their challenges. Your mind analyzes every possibility and always finds an effective and fair solution to almost all your problems and the ills of those around you.

Most of the time, you live in peace, but situations of injustice can discourage you. You build deep and lasting bonds with those around you, who admire you for your loyalty and purity. Preserve your heart and your loving personality and your life will only progress.

The fox’s ears

You are a person oriented on the details and what is mysterious. Totally responsible for your commitments, you prefer not to reveal in depth to another person without knowing it well because you attach great importance to your social life.

Although you look very quiet on the outside, you do a lot of work inside yourself and often set impossible goals. You must learn to relax, not to take everything seriously, to meet new people and to give more joy to your life. By combining responsibility and tranquility, you will go even further.

The sun

You are a very calm and patient person. Whatever the circumstances of life, you always come to think and use your wisdom to find the right answer. In addition, as you do not live at full speed, you can enjoy more happy moments in life.

You use your powerful intuition to help you follow your path with confidence and strengthen relationships with the important people in your life. Although you sometimes feel that people do not completely understand you, you always have a healthy and honest relationship with everyone around you. Your purity and tranquility are real treasures to preserve.


You have a very special vision of life. This gives importance to the simple things that many choose to ignore and bring a new perspective to each situation. You can make someone’s day happier with just a few words or a hug, and have a great ability to understand people just by looking them in the eye.

In addition, you are also very strong and motivated. You do your best in everything you do and do not consider others as competitors, but as partners, and you always show your willingness to support those who need it most. Your creative nature and dedication are really special qualities.

The birds

You are a true free soul, living very lightly and following the current, allowing you to really be guided, you always do your best to learn the lessons that each situation must teach you.

People around you admire your personality and always want to learn more about how to live with more authenticity and peace of mind. You bring joy and a lot of inspiration to many, and although some do not understand this nature, stay as you are. Your light is unique!

What did you think of your result? Leave a comment below and share the test with your friends!

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