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5 Things I Do As A Mom That I Swore I Wouldn'T

I came to motherhood later in life than most of my childhood friends. As I watched my pals develop as parents and start doing “mom” things, I swore off a number of their most cliched behaviors. Then when I became a mom myself, I realized the joy of stereotypical "mom" actions and reversed course. Here are five times I drank the proverbial Mom Kool-Aid.

I post my kids’ photos on Facebook on an almost daily basis.

Before I was a mom, I rolled my eyes at all the baby and kid pics in my Facebook feed. Do I really need to see a photo of your tot in her tutu at dance class yet again? Now I know, the answer is, “Yes! Yes I do!” Kids grow up so fast. Facebook allows us to share the joy and minutiae of our kids’ lives with an extended tribe.

I threw a large first birthday party for my son. 

People often criticize first birthday parties as more for the parents than the kids. Heck yes! After surviving the first year of our first born's life, my husband and I earned the right to celebrate. We invited all our friends and had a fried-chicken and spiked-lemonade-fueled bonanza.

I had a professional cake smash photo shoot for my daughter’s first birthday.

I resisted the urge to have a professional bump pictures taken (remembering those bloated, achy days in detail wasn’t for me) and passed on newborn shots from the hospital (she looked like a tiny, wrinkled bean). But as she neared the 12-month mark, her feisty personality developed, and I knew that was worth memorializing.

I have craft time at home.

I used to check out the intricate kids’ craft on Pinterest and snicker. That pipe cleaner aquarium sure looks like a lot of work, and how much is your kid really contributing? Now my older child is 2 and a half, I’ve learned crafts keep him busy, especially on days we can’t go outdoors. It’s nothing fancy, mostly painting with water colors or sculpting with Play Doh, but it passes the time and develops his creativity. And – GASP – it’s fun.

I take my toddlers on elaborate outings.

Taking babies and tots to the museum and zoo struck me as silly at first – they won’t they won’t remember it when they’re older and aren’t there years ahead to do these things? But as a mom, I know my toddler does recall the steam train ride we took last month, and my 1 year-old delighted in seeing sights and sounds at the aquarium. Plus we’re starting family traditions.  

Side benefit? We can always put the photos on Facebook.

What have you done as a mom that suprises you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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