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Yes Mike, There Is A G –Spot.

Last week, while teaching a basic HIV prevention class to a group of 8th  graders it came to question time and a hand immediately went up from the back of the class, stretched as high as possible. I expected one of the usual questions: “Is it better to use 2 condoms? Where does HIV come from?” But this question was quite different.  Mike asked:  “Is there really such a thing as a G-spot for women? And where is it, what is it?”  I looked around the room and all eyes were on me anxiously awaiting the answer. This was a real question that Mike, and his classmates were sincerely interested in having answered. 

I think I almost jumped for joy. Here was a 13 year boy who was interested in understanding a women’s body, and openly asking an adult sex educator in front of his peers.  He had probably read or seem something about a G-spot, but it just didn’t make sense, and it can be a confusing concept for many adults to comprehend. While I am glad he is interested in the G-spot, I am even happier he felt comfortable enough to ask the question openly during a sex-education lesson. The debate over “what works” in sex education is so varied. I can say for sure that creating a space to openly talk about sex and sexuality works. Just because Mike asked about the G-spot does not mean he is sexually active, conversely this question shows a sense of innocence and curiosity that is to be expected from someone of his age.        

Again thank you Mike for asking!

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