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Swollen Hands And Feet In Pregnancy

This is because your body holds more water than usual when you are pregnant.

Normal swelling in pregnancy:

🤷‍♀️is often worse at the end of the day
🤷‍♀️happens in late pregnancy
🤷‍♀️comes on gradually
🤷‍♀️gets better when you lie down
🤷‍♀️will appear in both feet.

Things you can do to avoid and ease swelling
Try to:

😘avoid standing for a long time
😘wear comfortable shoes and socks – avoid tight straps or anything that might pinch if your feet swell
😘when you rest put your feet up as much as you can
😘drink at least 8 medium glasses of water a day – this helps your body get rid of excess water
😘stay active.

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