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Kim Kardashian Terrified Kanye West Endorsing Donald Trump Will Hurt Their Brand

Uh oh. Kanye West’s wifey Kim Kardashian is not happy about his Nov. 17 rant where he threw his support behind Donald Trump. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she’s worried it’ll hurt their brand! We have all the details, right here.

This election just keeps causing problems! Many voters have taken to Facebook to urge people who support Donald Trump, 70, to “unfriend” them, but the drama doesn’t stop there. Now the election is causing a rift between Hollywood royalty – Kim Kardashian, 36, and Kanye West, 39! As soon as ‘Ye revealed to fans at his Nov. 17 Saint Pablo Tour show that he supports Donald, Kim had some serious concerns.

Luckily it isn’t what you think. Kim loves Kanye no matter who he voted for. She simply didn’t want the world to know! “Kim knew for a minute Kanye was a Trump supporter and tried to keep him from going public with it,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. However, she’s more worried about the family’s image than the consequences of the election.

“She didn’t want that association to hurt their brand and didn’t want to read all the hate on social media about it,” said the insider. “But Kanye’s good at convincing her and told her it wouldn’t be in his nature to suppress what he believes just to fit it and make others happy.”

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Kim’s still in an emotional state after her robbery and adding the extra stress of Kanye being attacked by the media and fans almost seemed like too much. Luckily, Kanye warned her beforehand and they came up with a plan. “He basically said f**k it and told her he was going to rant about Trump. Kim’s not mad at him because she supports her man but they’re choosing not to talk politics to each other for now.” Probably a good idea, since Kim has been outspoken about supporting Hillary Clinton. Good luck, guys!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Kim’s reaction to Kanye supporting Donald? Share your thoughts with us!

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