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Test: Choose The Place Where You Would Like To Be At The Moment And Find Out What You Are Missing

Look at these pictures. Where would you like to relax? Your choice will tell you what you are missing at the moment. That is what will bring you joy and pleasure. Pay attention to the test results.
Right to the point! That is exactly what I did not have enough! Thanks for the tip!
In the cycle of days, events and deeds, we sometimes deprive ourselves of precious time in order to truly become a happy person.
Sometimes we miss such simple and at the same time very important things. Want to sing what? Then this test is for you.
Now I suggest you relax a bit and look at these 8th wonderful places. Each of them is beautiful and unique in its own way.

In every place there is something unique and attracting attention. Listen to yourself. Think about where you would like to be at the moment. Ready?

1. Garden bench
You need communication, conversations. Not just a few words, but long conversations, intimate conversations. Find time for a longtime friend, ask him to free time for you. So that you can talk at least until the morning, chat about everything in the world, about the past, present, future …

2. Trail in the forest
You need an update, a change. Most likely – not cardinal. The foundation of your life suits you. But some, even external, changes and improvements are needed. Maybe you should change your hairstyle, clothing style? Or rearrange furniture in the apartment? Training a new profession? Expanding the scope of activities

3. Coffee with a beautiful view
You need to somehow refresh your senses, give a taste of life. She became too fresh. Travel to another country or city will help. Maybe you should try something unusual for you: horseback riding, paintball, parachuting. But do not allow stupid risk

4. House in the mountains
You need a simple peaceful life. You are very tired. Ideally, go to the wilderness where there are no people. To heat a stove, raise a crop, start a cow, or at least a goat. Listen in the evenings to the ringing chirp of cicadas. Fall asleep to the sound of rain, drops gently rustling on the roof and in the foliage of trees. Waking up from the smell of lilac and birdsong.

5. The lake
You need freedom. You are suffocating in the life in which you now live. Feel like the wind, let yourself not think about the consequences. Tear down and fly where your heart calls.

6. Cozy courtyard
You need a normal life. The most ordinary, without ups and downs, without extremes. Try to arrange at least something. Set a specific mode and stick to it. Plan your days. Something must be unchanged – exercise, lunch time, a walk before bedtime.

7. Lighthouse
You need a dream, some hope. Something to expect, where to go. A real dream, having a chance of realization. But at the same time, big, not too affordable, which can not be realized tomorrow. You need a road to a dream out of work, experience, patience and endurance.

8. Terrace by the water
You need a vacation. In a place where there is a lot of sun and no worries. Burning to black is not necessary. You need to soak up the sun, get enough of its life-giving heat. When you return, you will feel that the energy is breaking over the edge.

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