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Emma Thompson Releases Letter She Wrote Asking Execs Why They Hired Lasseter

When John Lasseter was hired to lead Skydance Animation after being fired from Disney over sexual-harassment and misconduct allegations, Emma Thompson quit a Skydance animated movie she was set to star in. Lasseter’s hiring was a no-go for Thompson, and she sent a letter to Skydance management explaining why she had to quit the project. In the letter, Thompson outlined her qualms with Lasseter’s hiring, particularly what it meant for the #MeToo movement and its implications for women already on staff at Skydance.

Thompson declined to comment on her decision to the Los Angeles Times, but released the letter she wrote to Skydance:

Mireille Soria, the chief of Paramount Animation, said that her team will not work with Skydance Animation under Lasseter. The Time’s Up organization said Lasseter’s hiring “endorses and perpetuates a broken system that allows powerful men to act without consequence.” Bad boys, bad boys — Emma Thompson is coming for you.

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