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Tuwana Share: I Am Afraid For My Life And Those Of My Children.

I am afraid for my life and those of my children.

My husband is active duty Navy. We have been married 11 years and have three boys together, ages 5, 2, and 2 months old.

He's always been verbally and emotionally abusive to me but lately it's escalated. In December he got mad out of nowhere while driving and began driving erratically. I thought we were going to crash. He pounded the steering wheel and broke the blinker handle thing off. When we got home he screamed at our 5 year old and kicked a hole in our wall. He'd never done that before. The next day I faked a pregnancy issue and had him take me to the hospital. I told my midwife what happened and asked for a social worker. CPS was called and investigated about two weeks right around Christmas. They closed the case despite me telling them that he'd said he would rather we all be dead than I leave him again. (We were separated for Sox months over a year ago.) They said he wasn't an immediate danger after speaking to our five year old and him having told them he was afraid of his dad. Since the case has closed my husband's behavior has not improved. I caught him pushing my two year old over on the sidewalk after he ran off. He grabbed my five year olds arm and shook it when he wouldn't drop his DS and left bruises. He has screamed at all of us and hinted that he would not let me leave alive.

We just moved into a new apartment and now he is underway until next week. I feel like this is a good time to do something but am scared of reporting him since nothing happened last time and because of the murder/suicide hints.

The only family I have is in Hawaii. We are in California. He has told me he will say I'm kidnapping of I try to go back with the kids.

I have no other family or friends

I have money set aside in cash, but no access to his income and he took me off our joint account last year.

When we were separated last year it was from an infidelity issue and I had found pictures of him naked under a tree by a park Inside our military housing. I don't know who took the pictures but I sent then to his command thinking they'd force him to get counseling. Instead they told him I was causing his career trouble. They didn't help us get access to income either and ultimately I came back last March because we were about to be homeless. I then got pregnant.

Anyway, I want to save my kids. Please tell me how.

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  • JoJo Poppy

    JoJo Poppy

    2019-11-20 12:59:12

    I am so sorry this is happening. and what bothers me is how the military handles situations like this. you're in a sticky situation but it's not hopeless. Can you contact any family in Hawaii? Have you been able to research any one or organizations that specialize in helping women in your predicament?

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