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Signs A Baby Is On The Way

1. Nausea: This is the most common sign of pregnancy.

2. Breast changes: The familiar heaviness and breast tenderness that women usually experienced just before a period, is set to last for nine months.

3. Montgomery glands around the nipple become more pronounced: These look like pimples but they're tiny openings that lubricate the nipple during breastfeeding. The nipple becomes more sensitive to touch, grows darker and the areola spreads wider.

4. Skin changes are also a common occurrence: Watch out for bring red palms or vascular spiders (these look like spider varicose veins) and a pregnancy mask (skin darkening).

5. Sudden nosebleeds, a metallic taste in the mouth, dribbling and tender gums.

6. Genital changes (the outer lips become slightly swollen) and libido changes (either increased or decreased desire for sex).

7. Feeling way more tired than usual? Fatigue is an early sign of pregnancy. The best thing to do is try to get as much sleep as you can in the early stages.

Why all the changes?

Progesterone comes from the empty pocket of the ovary where the egg escaped and high levels of this hormone ensures that the lining of the womb stays put and can't be shed (hence no period). Progesterone causes breast changes, feeling warmer because of an increased metabolism, susceptibility to infections (decreased immunity so that the woman's body does not reject her baby), feeling tired, backache and constipation. 

All Comments (3)
  • Suella Crawford Lyght

    Suella Crawford Lyght

    2020-02-07 19:53:09

    I was feeling these signs but my period still come

  • Ladiedre Bennett

    Ladiedre Bennett

    2020-02-07 20:12:05

    mines too @Suella Crawford Lyght

  • Michelle Elizabeth Earp

    Michelle Elizabeth Earp

    2020-02-07 20:15:36

    many of these symptoms also come with your period, but only last during, if you're pregnant, they very likely won't go away until baby is born lol

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