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Everyone Is Sexting And It'S A Good Thing, Apparently

How many of you have sent a sext? Quite a few if a recent survey is to be believed.

The study found that more than 8 in 10 people admitted to sexting in the past year, and while the investigation was conducted in the US, it still makes for an interesting read.

For the record, sexting was defined for the survey as 'the sending or receiving of sexually suggestive or explicit content via text message, primarily using a mobile device.'

In this era of the cloud, think before you strip has never felt more important, so it's a relief to know that the majority (three quarters) of those who were getting involved were in a committed relationship.

But with 'the fappening' (the biggest leak of celeb nude selfies in history) in the back of our minds how many of us can relate to this relatively small study group?

One of the authors on the project wanted to be clear that people should be open to the positive side to sexting: 'Given the possible implications, both positive and negative, for sexual health, it is important to continue investigating the role sexting plays in current romantic and sexual relationships.

'This research indicates that sexting is a prevalent behaviour that adults engage in for a variety of reasons. These findings show a robust relationship between sexting and sexual and relationship satisfaction.'

The research did find that the more the couples sexted, the more sexually satisfied they felt.

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