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What Is It Like To Marry A Chef? Do You Have Good Food Every Day?

What is it like to marry a chef? Do you have good food every day?

For me, I didn't, I even have no stable boyfriend! But but both of my parents were chefs. So I suppose they both “married a chef.” I can tell you what meals were like being the daughter of two chefs. 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧

☝🏻Most people hear the phrase “home-cooked meal” and have nostalgic visions of that favorite dish their mother made. For me, the phrase home-cooked meal is on a COMPLETELY different level, something equivalent to dining at the finest restaurant.

☝🏻The food at home was INCREDIBLE!!! Only when I got to high school did I realize that not everyone’s home had a mother and father who could make amazing dinners!!!

☝🏻Literally everything was perfect, as my friends agreed when they eagerly came over for dinner. It could be an elaborate dish that took 5 hours to prepare, or merely a 5-minute omelet that my dad whipped up, or even a dish that had no recipe that my parents concocted with random ingredients in the refrigerator. Regardless, it was all FLAWLESS!!!

☝🏻A friend even noticed that my parents took the ice cream out of the fridge at a very precise moment during the meal so that the temperature would be perfect at the time of serving. It was a wonderful way to grow up with two very loving parents who made unbelievable meals. It’s also why I love cooking today~

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