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Psychological Test: How Free Are You?

This test is especially concerned with freedom. Often they talk about freedom, about the longing and feelings that it generates. But what is our relationship with freedom? How do we feel when we have what we perceive as “freedom”?

Pay attention to the following silhouettes and answer: which of these children is more free?

Silhouette 1

For you, freedom is not just a beautiful slogan. You know that freedom is something more concrete, more real and less idyllic. You live in peace, because for you freedom is a normal, habitual state. You feel that you are the master of your life, and this is the most important thing for you!

Silhouette 2

For you, freedom is a pleasure. This is unusual, so when you experience this, you feel as if your chest is full of oxygen. You must learn to give in to this enjoyment.

Silhouette 3

For you, freedom is not an individual state, but on the contrary, it is when you live with others, share their life, and they are yours. 

Silhouette 4

You are a person, perhaps a bit structured. That is why when you experience a sense of freedom, your whole body experiences some kind of “explosion”. When you allow yourself to explore something new and unusual, you become like a child who plays and feels completely happy!

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