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I Am Concerned. Ok So I'Ve Had Unprotected Intercourse Throughout Janu6 3-4 Days Straight And My

I am concerned. ok so I've had unprotected intercourse throughout janu6 3-4 days straight and my boyfriend thinks I'm pregnant. it's kind of confusing for me to tell because I had my" cycle" for 3 days and it went dark brown and stop. that's very unusual for my cycle to be 3 days.. I've done research and it says sperm can live inside u up to 5 days and I've gotten pregnancy apps to keep update just in case and it says I'm 2 weeks and 4 days. everybody boys is different and I know I havent been having that many symptoms other than sleeping alot which I think is due to my iron . I've taken test they all came out negative but I think I took them too early. Can someone help me ?? I dont think I am though

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  • Christine Cece Cheaton

    Christine Cece Cheaton

    2020-02-13 13:51:16

    Retest in another two weeks especially if u continue to have symptoms but dont stress but one thing is a man knows when we are pregnant because my sons father already knew i was before i told him.

  • kayla Williams

    kayla Williams

    2020-02-13 13:56:37

    ok ok thank you . it's just hard to calculate it all

  • Destiny Hays

    Destiny Hays

    2020-02-16 00:57:57

    Hmm the same thing happened to me I’m supposed to start this cycle for this month in 12 days I’m CD 19 today and I’ve had Clear but stretchy discharge for three days now but non of the home tests say positive for me ether and my man keeps saying I’m not pregnant but then jokes that I am so idk.. what to do.. I’m going to wait for 12 days and I’m gonna test because my mom had the same thing happen to her but had her period the whole pregnancy so I am just gonna wait and test and then go get a blood test if they keep coming out negative

  • Ingrid Rodriguez-Price

    Ingrid Rodriguez-Price

    2020-02-18 16:26:09

    I had my period pretty much my whole pregnancy with my son and also sometimes there are women out there that hpt don’t work they have to get blood work I know for my friend that was the case for all her pregnancies she was 3/4 mths before they could read it on a htp

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