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#LoveOfMyLifeWhere Should I

#LoveOfMyLifeWhere should I start?
I love this guy so much!

We fell in love quickly, he made me happy and have something to live for. I would do anything for this guy right here. We broke up a couple times but now for long. The first time we broke up, I cried an ocean because I can't see myself without him. The last time we broke up I gave it to God and God put us back together. Today February 11, 2020 we decided that we are going to involve God into our relationship and we will try our best in it. I've never loved anyone like how I love him and I am willing to do whatever it takes for us to be together. I pray that we will last and become a family and live happily ever after 🤗❤


If he tell you that he don't love you as much as you do it's gonna be hard but he's probably not the one. No matter what you do it won't change anything but hurt you more and more. Love yourself!

#LoveOfMyLife #RidiculousBreakUpReasons #LoveStories

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  • Shonda Paige Ward

    Shonda Paige Ward

    2020-02-13 05:49:41

    Practical advice🥺

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