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*NEED ADVICE* Took Thia Pregnancy Test Feb 1st (First Picture) Then On Thursday I Started Having

*NEED ADVICE* Took thia Pregnancy test feb 1st (first picture) then on thursday i started having brown discharge wasnt really too worried about it and then now im bleeding like im on my period took another pregnancy test and thw second line ia faint (second picture) my fiance thinks i should just wait it out because i dont think im that far along but i just have a huge feeling im miscarrying.

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  • Kathy Tejada

    Kathy Tejada

    2020-02-13 09:46:25

    Go to the ER, so they can do an ultrasound or a Transvaginal ultrasound, they’ll be able to tell if you’re miscarrying or not !

  • Jicelle Vargas

    Jicelle Vargas

    2020-02-13 09:58:47

    The same thing happen to me But I have no answer 😭

  • Kylie


    2020-02-13 10:26:50

    this happened to me when i was 18 I had a miscarriage 😭😭😭😭

  • janet M

    janet M

    2020-02-13 12:54:42

    Go to the ER it happen to me too when I got to the doctor was to late for me I had a miscarriage

  • Anita Mason

    Anita Mason

    2020-02-13 14:39:46

    you should get checked to make sure it's not a etopic pregnancy

  • Cadence demarco

    Cadence demarco

    2020-02-13 18:12:03

    You had a miscarriage . I had that same issue with my previous pregnancy that a week after I got my possitivr test I had a miscarriage and started my period like normal

  • Tamara Shea

    Tamara Shea

    2020-02-13 18:26:57

    Thanks guys.. going to get checked. Didn’t go thru any of this with my son so i was lost & my period wasn’t supposed to start till next Friday but i just knew i was miscarrying.. just gonna be positive & keep trying!

  • Belen Izquierdo

    Belen Izquierdo

    2020-02-13 19:19:58

    go to the ER that's the only way you'll know for sure if you're having a miscarriage

  • Kylie


    2020-02-14 02:06:46

    I'm not pregnant ATM I'm trying... I had my miscarriage in 2018 when I was 18 ... but thanks for the edvice

  • Ghadeer Alkaabi

    Ghadeer Alkaabi

    2020-02-14 06:28:37

    Please get checked that’s what happened with my ectopic

  • Timberly Lozano

    Timberly Lozano

    2020-02-15 02:14:46

    sounds like you're having a miscarrage i wouldnt wait it out I'd definitely go to the doctor

  • Montana Weaver

    Montana Weaver

    2020-02-15 02:31:07

    There could also be a chance that your test gave you a false positive. Definitely go get checked just to be safe. Hope you were able to figure everything out.

  • Christine Cece Cheaton

    Christine Cece Cheaton

    2020-02-15 03:29:31


  • Kyaira Hunt

    Kyaira Hunt

    2020-02-15 16:14:29

    Or it could be implantation bleeding ... that’s what happened to me I had a whole 10 day period was pregnant as hell lol

  • Tamara Shea

    Tamara Shea

    2020-02-15 16:36:29

    I wish it was.. i was in the hospital when i found out i was pregnant i was bleeding and thought my cyst ruptured but they said what i was bleeding was probably from implantation

  • Lola Lewis

    Lola Lewis

    2020-02-15 16:42:46

    they are different tests.. so maybe that's why it's more faint then the first one.
    some women experience period like blood even when they are pregnant all the time.
    but just to be on the safe side take a trip to the doctor and it will keep your mind at ease.

  • Anita Mason

    Anita Mason

    2020-02-15 17:31:23

    if you are having a miscarriage. it's always good to check for an etopic pregnancy. alot of doctors tend to over look them. and it can be life threatening. if I hadn't had a Dr. care to look closer. I wouldnt be here. all the other drs assumed I was just having a miscarriage... I'm glad yours was just a regular miscarriage. I hope you get pregnant in the future if that is what you want

  • Anita Mason

    Anita Mason

    2020-02-15 17:32:44

    I ment to say that to the original poster

  • Nicole Herring

    Nicole Herring

    2020-02-16 13:23:24

    i experienced this same thing first the brown stuff then i started bleeding im sorry gor your lost

  • Erica Sanders

    Erica Sanders

    2020-02-16 14:21:54

    go to your doctor is all I can say

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