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Hi Ladies :) Okay So I Need Some Insight Me And My Partner Are Trying For A Baby Last April I Was

Hi ladies :) okay so I need some insight me and my partner are trying for a baby last April I was looking for a short term contraception and my doctor put me on the injection (depo) not telling me the consequences I've recently got a new doctor she done my bloods and said my testosterone levels were at 7 but could go down and to keep trying but if I dont get pregnant in 6 months to go back to her .. I got the depo injection on the 25th April last year (first and only time I will ever get it) since then my cycle has been all over the place I got my first period after depo in September 10-11 sep
23 sep
25-26 sep
28-29 sep
30 sep - 3rd Oct
5th Oct
7th - 14 Oct

And then again on the:
18- 20 dec
31st dec - 3rd January
14 - 21st jan

Since then I have gotten no period but noticed since I came off depo i have water discharge alot
My boobs have gotten bigger but not soar or hard sometimes tingly feeling

I'm wondering is it the depo still affecting me or is it the fact my testosterone is at 7 the reason I'm not getting pregnant

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