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#LoveStoriesThe First Day I Met My Husband Was When I Was Invited To Group Of Singles From The

#LoveStoriesThe first day I met my husband was when I was invited to group of singles from the church. He was in charge of cooking an special lunch. I was very curious of how he was cooking the mix of loins and French fries (I'd definitely recommend it to try) with rice, and avocado with a mix of tuna, vegetables and mayo... he said he prepared the biggest dish for me without even knowing me, and he noticed that I had a good sense of taste, that I did not eat, that I devoured. Since then, he had taken me to different kind of restaurants to try and that I'd never say no to him. We have same taste, likes, and we laugh even for silly things.

At the beginning, my mom and his dad were disagree with us with this relationship. His dad because we have a big difference of age. and I was too young for him.
My mom had the same reasons, and almost didn't give us her blessing to marry. but with tears on her eyes (maybe with a little bit of disappointment), she said that if I was happy she will be there for me.
Thanks God, in this year we'll have 4 years Anniversary of marriage, and we continue laugh, cry, sing, and eat happy ever after.

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  • Uzm.Dyt. İlayPolat

    Uzm.Dyt. İlayPolat

    2020-02-13 05:18:48

    Aww you guys are made for each other🥺

  • Valeska Vinchira

    Valeska Vinchira

    2020-02-13 10:38:00

    Thanks very much 🥺

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