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AAQ: How Do I Store Condoms So That They’re Less Likely To Tear Or Break?

AAQ: How do I store condoms so that they’re less likely to tear or break?

First things first, be realistic about your sex life. You should keep condoms where you are likely to need them and use them. If you mostly have sex in your car, you should keep them there. Also, condoms are exposed to extreme heat or cold, then they are more likely to wear out and break. Pay attention to the label, don't keep old ones in your wallet, and if a condom is expired, then throw it away and get a new one. They are so widely available for free (at clinics and other places) that there is no excuse not to have them.

Another way to ensure a condom doesn't break is to use lube, and to always use the right kind of lube. In general, water- and silicone-based lubes work with any condom, but always check the label on the condom to be sure. Oil-based lube is not to be used with latex condoms, as it will cause the condom to weaken and be more likely to break. Another benefit of lube is that a drop or two inside the condom can make it feel more comfortable on the operator.

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