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Reggie Bush So Done With Kim Kardashian He Won'T Talk To Her Co-Star In Miami Club

Kim’s ex-bf Reggie Bush totally gave her ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ pal Jonathan Cheban the cold shoulder while partying at a Miami nightclub! Read on for ALL the exclusive details!

Talk about an awkward encounter! Kim Kardashian‘s ex- football player boyfriend partied at Amnesia nightclub in Miami on March 19 and avoided her BFF Jonathan Cheban at all costs.

“Jonathan walked into the club and was seated right next to Paris [Hilton] and everyone was shocked since he’s Kim’s best friend. Paris was dancing right next to him all night,” a source tells us exclusively. “But then Reggie [Bush] walked in and was seated right by both of them! He made eye contact with Jonathan and Paris but didn’t talk to either of them. It looked like Reggie was trying to avoid anything remotely connected to Kim.”

Yikes! It sounds like Reggie is trying to avoid anything and everything that has a connection to Kim. At this point a reunion for the two is very unlikely to happen.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Reggie is right to be so done with Kim? Vote and weigh in below.

— Reporting by Chloe Melas, written by Nicole Karlis

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