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Wildlife? Or Comedian?

1."Dancing ... yeah"

"Peolpe think us Austrian marmots are shy inhabitants of the Alps. Eating herbs, living in caves and hibernating during winter. We do these things, but there is a sectret life of marmots too! If no one is watching us we like to party."

2. "Oh My"

"Unlike most other marine mammals, sea otters have no blubber and rely on exceptionally thick fur to keep warm. As the ability of the fur to repel water depends on utmost cleanliness, sea otters spend much of their time (while they are not sleeping or eating) grooming, offering photographers an unlimited number of anthropomorphic opportunities."

3."Squirrel wishes"

"A red squirrel with dandelion seeds."

4."One two three four five ... I'm going to find you"

"Photographed in Finland in the village Martinselkonen."

5."Warning: territory marking. Follow at your own risk" 

"One beautiful Sunday morning, my family drove to Nairobi National Park. We came across a group of white rhinos walking together and grazing. While we were watching them, we saw an egret behind this rhino following it impatiently. Little did the egret know she would be rewarded with a surprise shower."

6."Snarling Snappin in the Slow Lane"

"Slow is the way to go for this snapping turtle. A law abiding, although curmudgeonly, citizen who by the look on its face was not thrilled by any other car or foot traffic in its lane."

7."What are you looking for?"

"What I am showing in this photo is the monkey's reaction because of my presence. I found that they can react as we do in the same situation."

8."He's right behind me isn't he?"

"I spent five days photographing sharks in the Bahamas. I decided that I wanted to get macro photos of jack fish and eyes of the sharks. The entire trip I had problems with the jacks photobombing some of my best shots, so I jokingly decided to target the fish and see if the sharks would photobomb my photos. Well ... they did."

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