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Jade Roper Tolbert And Tanner Tolbert May Not Be As Solid As They Seem

1Jade didn't quite jump into the relationship with both feet.

That's to be somewhat expected considering this moment was captured on only the sixth episode of Paradise, when things were still pretty fresh.

While Jade and Tanner are clearly already boo'd up here (I mean, he's asking her to accept his rose!), Glass is quick to notice that Tanner is leaning toward Jade while she's leaning slightly away from him. An he's holding her hand, which implies he grabbed it in place of her offering it to him to hold.

However, Glass knows there's hope because there's some deep, deep eye contact going on—always a good sign.

2As long as he's with Jade, Tanner's feeling good.

While Glass wishes these two looked a little more relaxed in this photo, she's into the way Tanner's foot is pointed toward Jade.

Despite feeling kinda insecure (which she knows because of his hand hiding in his pocket), his foot angle is a genuine sign that, despite all the cameras in his face, he's got Jade on the brain.

3But by the time the wedding comes around, that starts to waver.

Again, with the anxious hand in the pocket, but a million or so videographers, 150 guests, and the thought of a nation of viewers watching from their couches might do that to you.

Beyond that, Glass can tell here that Tanner likes to be in control (something that came up on Marriage Bootcamp) and wasn't feeling that way on his wedding day. Surprised? Here's the evidence: He and Jade aren't walking on the same foot (meaning they have different goals for the night), she's not maintaining eye contact with him while he's staring right at her, and his feet are angled toward her while her steps are pointing directly ahead.

4Things are looking a little better at the reception, though.

Let's get the lows out of the way now. Glass says, "Tanner's looking numb," which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but she'd feel more confident if his expression was matching Jade's genuine smile.

Otherwise, Glass thinks the newlyweds look "really in love here and totally connected," thanks to how closely their bodies are to each other's and the way Jade's fingers gently wrap around Tanner's neck to pull her man in even closer.

5Jade loves being Tanner's number one.

"She loves being doted on," Glass says immediately. She knows this because while Tanner is whispering to her (kissing her cheek?), her eyes are closed, her knees are leaning in his direction, and she's got a believable smile on her face.

But this is a two-way street. Glass knows Tanner loves giving her attention since he's doing it in front of a camera and because he keeps a steady hand on her only a pro would.

6Jade wears her heart on her sleeve while Tanner guards his.

"I can handle all the detours life has to offer as long as I’m with you. 💗," Jade wrote as the caption on this Instagram photo. Glass is picking up everything Jade's putting down, but she's not feeling the same way about Tanner.

"He's not very demonstrative," she says (problem number two the couple tackled on Bootcamp) Yeah, he's smiling, but it's not the real deal.

Being an unemotional person married to an emotional person can be hard, she explains. And maybe it's just this moment, but Glass isn't seeing much of a connection here. Uh oh.

7But that won't stop Jade from showing him all the love.

Okay, no one's mistaking this pic for a candid, but there's still stuff for Glass to unpack here.

For example: "It looks very contrived," she says. Again, Jade seems like she's giving a little more than Tanner is, but he does deserve some props for posing with her, right?

Next, Glass zeroed in on Tanner's downcast eyes, which tell her that his mind is anywhere but in this moment. "Maybe he's nervous?" she wonders.

Either way, Glass is sure to point out that she did buy into Tanner's feelings for Jade during the more important, less posed moments, such as their wedding reception. So here's hoping paradise isn't over for them...and just takes place behind the scenes.

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