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So Ladies I Need OpInions.. My LMP Was Jan 10-14 Me And Ny Bf Last Had Sex Jan 26 And 27 My

So ladies I need OpInions.. My lMP was Jan 10-14 me and ny Bf Last had Sex Jan 26 and 27 My ovulation day was the 24th or 25th ...Around Jan 30t to Feb 2nd i was spotting it was a dark Red sometime brownish color only when i wiped. I took this test a day Ago because i have been having symptoms and my Period was suppose to start thus week and i dont have no signs of my Period coming like i usally do. I dont know if im not Pregnant or it is too Early For My HCG levels to show up

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  • Beithany


    2020-02-13 02:53:04

    I would say wait till your missed period I took one of those test last week and came out negative and took another test after my missed period and it’s positive I took 3

  • Savannah Shores

    Savannah Shores

    2020-02-13 03:13:52

    I’m 3 days late already I’m going to wait another week or so

  • Maria Vincent

    Maria Vincent

    2020-02-13 16:54:35

    I’m behind my period too 3 days now

  • Quarteria Pearson

    Quarteria Pearson

    2020-02-13 16:55:34

    How many days were you late before you got positive test

  • Shannon Hall

    Shannon Hall

    2020-02-13 20:03:00

    I'm 10 days late too. when should I retest

  • Savannah Mouse

    Savannah Mouse

    2020-02-13 23:11:19

    I am only 11 and I missed my period 3days ago and I haven't had sex

  • Amanda Mueller

    Amanda Mueller

    2020-02-14 12:58:46

    probably too early, i would wait til your missed period at least, most accurate is a week after you miss it, early results test or norm or not most the time, hope best 💛

  • Chelsea Stanley

    Chelsea Stanley

    2020-02-14 15:39:50

    way too early

  • Reva Ann

    Reva Ann

    2020-02-17 04:17:56

    hun that can be normal for your age

  • Sheedah M Miller

    Sheedah M Miller

    2020-02-18 03:02:32

    I haven’t had a period since December 23 and it only lasted 3 days and I had sex around the time of my ovulation and I keep getting negative results back to back can I be pregnant I am having all the symptoms and everything just negative red

  • Nikki Woodrum

    Nikki Woodrum

    2020-02-18 03:46:50

    Sadly could be a missed period

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