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#ByebyeExMe Personally, I'D Soon Just About Anything For My Boyfriend. I'D Complete Any Sexual

#ByebyeExMe personally, I'd soon just about anything for my boyfriend. I'd complete any sexual fantasy he has, cook, clean, and I wouldn't ask him where he is because I trust him. But ladies....... tell me if you would feel disrespected if your bfs ex came in and made herself at home and slept in yalls bed with a cat that your allergic to and didn't even tell you and the way you found out was thru socail media like wtfffffffff!!!
I'm so furious I can't even think statiaght an I'm soo sad by he didn't even try too give me the respect I deserve.

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  • Eshe Jackson

    Eshe Jackson

    2020-02-13 03:38:25

    gosh, this is totally unbearable and unbelievable

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