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PLEASE COMMENT!! So My Period Hasn’t Been On In Like 5 Days, Boobs Itchy, Headaches, Bloating,

PLEASE COMMENT!! So my period hasn’t been on in like 5 days, boobs itchy, headaches, bloating, constipated, a lot of milky discharge, cramps like my cycle is coming on but nope it hasn’t. What should I do? Has anyone experienced this and been pregnant? This will be my second pregnancy if I am. I’ve had a stillborn once before.

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  • Adona Taylor

    Adona Taylor

    2020-02-15 19:40:40

    I've had some of those symptoms but it's mostly been because my brain wanted to be pregnant so much it believed it. I started my period each time. My best advice would be to take a test and see a doctor to confirm right after.

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