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I'M A 15 Year Old Going On 16 And Me And My Boyfriend Are Trying To Have A Baby. We Both Feels

I'm a 15 year old going on 16 and me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby. we both feels mentally ready and I am working we have a place lined up. I feel just because I'm a young mom doesn't mean I'm a bad one. I feel ready but am I making a mistake? we've been talking about this for months.

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  • Anna mejia

    Anna mejia

    2020-02-15 14:44:46

    hmmm tbh you dont wanna bring a baby in this world and you're not mentally , financially, or even emotionally ready for it I def think you should wait and work up some expirence to get a high paying job and then have a child

  • lexrexy


    2020-02-17 03:41:19

    Depends how your parents feel. You might find it hard because you can't afford baby things or lose friends from spending to much time with baby and not them. Or if Daddy leaves later in life. You have to make sure you really want this. Ask your parents if you can. Is the Dad of your baby gonna stay and help raise it and make sure it is a good baby. Are you gonna go through walking in the halls of school and see students stare at you and judge and your hormones gonna make you cry. Now if your family is okay and that boyfriend of yours will stay with you then go ahead. But make sure you are 102% ready. 100% u want this 2% family and boyfriend wants to. I'm here and will reply.

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